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A & R Behavioral Health’s primary mission is to provide a nonjudgmental open environment, with a deep and unique understanding of struggle and an attentive listening ear that can help our clients to be motivated to positive changes which will inspire them to find and live life within their purpose.

We strive to embark on a path with the community to ensure acceptance, respect, compassion, and sincerity. We also promise to be committed to the wellness of individuals and their families by providing prevention treatment, intervention treatment and behavioral/mental health stability education.


Regina Neal

The Executive Director, Owner and Therapist of A & R Behavioral Health holds a passion for this field which began at a young age but after growing up in the foster care system and as an adult experiencing military war time her passion has grown deeper.

Having experienced her own struggles with the traumas and circumstances of life she ensures A & R Behavioral Health primary focus is to aid, counsel, and protect all, clients that struggle with some form of life, grief, relationships, family, trauma and individual behavioral/mental health issue.

Regina is very skilled in the provision of Counseling, Therapeutic Treatment Plans and every facet of behavioral health which includes applying psychotherapeutic modalities such as clinical assessments, suicide safety plans, therapeutic individual, family and group counseling, crisis interventions, community outreach and advocacy, EAP services and readjustment/transitional treatment.

Executive Director, ARBH Board Member, Clinical Social Worker, Therapist


In-Person Schedule: Thursday, Saturday
Location: Columbus, OH

TeleHealth Schedule: Monday – Saturday
Location: OH, SC, VA

Board Members

Avante Thompson

Regina Neal
Vice President, Executive Director and Treasurer

Meet our Team

Lisa Pinkerton

Lisa is a skilled therapist with a Master’s degree in social work from The Ohio State University. She has ample experience working with people of all ages and strives to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for her clients to make positive changes in their lives. Her compassionate and supportive approach allows for open communication and explorative discovery. Lisa is passionate about helping those struggling with life transitions, depression, and anxiety. She employs various therapeutic techniques to help her clients work through challenging times and teaches tools to empower them to become more self-aware and recognize their strengths. Lisa’s ultimate goal is to help her clients heal from past traumas and pains, and move forward with a renewed sense of hope and positivity.

TeleHealth Schedule:
Monday – Saturday
In-Person Schedule:
Tuesdays: 6PM – 8PM
Location: Ohio

Rudie Edwards-Ugiomoh

I am a seasoned social worker with a rich background in social services, and I bring a wealth of experience and dedication to the field of mental health services. With a career that spans over two
decades, my journey in social work began in the year 2000, and it has been marked by a steadfast commitment to improving the lives of individuals and families facing various challenges. A significant
portion of my career has been dedicated to adult case management, where I have been instrumental in connecting individuals with the essential benefits and resources available within their communities. My guiding motto has always been, “I don’t believe anyone should be left behind in such a resourceful country.” This ethos has been the driving force behind my work, motivating me to tirelessly advocate for
those in need.

TeleHealth Schedule:
Monday – Wednesday
In-Person Schedule:
Wednesdays: 12PM – 3PM (OH)
Location: Ohio & Kansas

Denise Mixon

Denise has over 26 years of experience in financial literacy. Hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology, along with a certification in Christian counseling. along with obtaining a certification in occupational therapy aid (OTA), and a nurse’s assistant (CNA). Recently she completed her certification in Nurturing Parenting Program, as an educating facilitator; additionally, she received her certification for mandated reporters (recognizing and reporting child abuse).

TeleHealth Schedule: Monday – Friday
Location: Virginia

Kyna Johnson

TeleHealth Schedule:
Monday – Saturday
Location: Ohio

Averly Koston

Averly Koston is a dedicated Behavioral health expert With a Background in Psychology from Cleveland State University. She began her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), gaining valuable insights into patient care and behavioral therapy. Her fascination with the brain led her to pursue a degree in psychology. Specializing in applied behavior analysis and sensory motor coaching. With roles as an Intervention Specialist and Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist, she excels in creating personalized treatment plans and fostering inclusive environments. Averly combines both academic knowledge with hands-on experience. She is motivated by continuous personal growth and the evolving knowledge of brain science.

TeleHealth Schedule: Monday – Friday
Location: Ohio

Anna Thomas

Anna is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and mental health advocate. She has 13 years of experience working in various mental health settings with diverse groups of individuals from young children to
geriatrics. She obtained her Master of Social Work from Northern Kentucky University. She also has a Bachelor of Science in social work from Mount St. Joseph University. Anna is passionate about
cultivating a safe space for her clients without judgement. She believes in meeting her clients on their terms. This allows her to recognize the challenges that will be met when supporting them through their unique healing journey. And, with each meeting, empowering them with the tools to become their authentic selves. She believes that despite the impact of our adversities it does not have to determine our outcome.

TeleHealth Schedule: Monday – Friday
Location: Ohio

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